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How to Use Emaili-am-new
Emails are just like letters and are a great way to keep in touch. Here is how to write and send an email.
Select the Email button, which you will find on the Bush Internet Home Page. After logging on, select the Write Message option from the top of the screen.
Save an Email
  • In the To box, type in the email address of the person you wish to send your message to. Information on the address book is given below.
  • If you want other people to see your message type in their email addresses in the Cc box.
  • Type the email address in the Bcc field of the people you would like to get a copy of the message, without the other recipients knowing.
  • Type in the subject of the message in the Subject box. For example, 'Hello'.
  • Now write the message in the space provided. Select the small box below your message if you want to save a copy to your sent folder.
  • To send the email select Send button.
  • If you want to save a copy of this email into your Drafts folder before you send it, select Save.
  checkbox  Copy outgoing message to sent folder
Reading your Emails
address Emails sent to you can be found in your Inbox.
address 1 To read your new messages select the Check Mail button at the top of the screen. Unread Emails will appear in bold type.

2 Select new messages by scrolling down the list of messages in your Inbox and press Enter to read the full message.

3 A maximum of 10 emails can be displayed in your Inbox at any one time. To display the next page of emails use the dropdown menu and select Go.
Your email address book
Email addresses can be stored in the address book.
1 Select the address book button from the top of the screen.
2 Type in the address in the box here
3 Select the Add button to store it
4 Now you can simply select the address from this list to start typing your emails.
5 If you wish to send an email to more than one person in your address book, use the pull down menu to select the email addresses.
6 Select the Compose button at the bottom of the address book.
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