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Setting your Options
The Options Menu allows you to change your Internet settings and can be accessed at any time by selecting the Options key on your keyboard or remote control (press Function and 'E'). You don't need to be online to adjust these settings and in some cases it will be necessary to make adjustments to the settings before you gain access to the Internet.
Text Size and scaling
These settings can be adjusted to your own preference. They enable you to change the size of text shown on web pages and also the way that the page fits on the screen. There are three text sizes available (small, medium and large). Please note that this is only applicable to web pages and not the Bush Internet email service.
Telephone Dialling options
It's important these settings are correct to obtain a successful connection to the Internet. Here is a summary of how to correctly set these options according to your telephone line:
  1. Do you want to use tone or pulse dialling? Most customers will find that they have tone dialling on their phone line. If you are in doubt then it is best to confirm this with your phone provider.

  2. Does your telephone system require you to enter a dialling prefix to enter an outside line? If you have opted to have your Caller Line Identification (CLI) permanently withheld (i.e. the person you are calling can not retrieve your number) when you make phone calls then this option should be set to YES and a prefix needs to be entered into the box.

    For most phone providers the prefix to be entered into the box is '1470' but this may vary depending on your own provider. If you are unsure please check with them. By inserting a prefix into this field you will re-enable your Caller Line Identification (CLI) and allow us to verify your telephone number when you dial in. This will not affect any other outgoing telephone calls.

    If you access the Internet over an internal telephone network that requires you to dial a prefix (e.g. 9) to obtain an outside line, then this can also be entered in this field. Please note that your internal network must be capable of transmitting the individual CLI on all outgoing calls for this to work successfully.

  3. Do you want to wait for a dial tone before dialling? This option should always be set to YES. This will assist in achieving a more efficient connection.
This setting enables you to preset a 'timeout' period on your TV/STB so that if you forget to hang-up (go offline), the product will automatically disconnect from the phone line.
In order to use a printer with your Bush Internet TV/STB, you will need to select the correct printer settings within the Options menu.
1 Choose the model you have purchased by selecting the correct circle.

2 The option you choose here will depend upon the type of printer and printer cartridge that you have purchased.

3 Select Next.

From there you can either choose to print out a test page by selecting Print, or select Complete to finish the printer installation.
Call Waiting
Currently, Bush Internet TV's and STB's do not support call waiting and so this setting should always be set to NO. If this option is set to YES you may find that you have trouble connecting to the Internet.
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