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Tips on Internet TV Shopping
The following tips should help make shopping online through your Bush Internet TV hassle–free and enjoyable. To make sure you get the best possible service, we choose our content providers carefully – for ease of use on your TV or STB, and for their consideration of making online shopping an easy and safe experience.
  1. Credit card transactions are as secure as any you make by phone, provided the company applies proper safeguards for this information.

  2. Check credit terms. If you're ordering by credit or debit card, make sure the company accepts your particular form of payment.

  3. Look for postage and packaging charges. Always check for extra charges and allow for them in the cost of your products. Remember that not all companies will deliver items abroad, and those that do may well charge a special rate.

  4. Make sure you get exactly what you order. Check to see if the dimensions of the item you're interested in are given - receiving something that's smaller or larger than you expected can be frustrating.

  5. Order early for Christmas. Most companies have a deadline date for Christmas orders, sometimes as early as November. So make sure you organise your shopping in plenty of time.

  6. Read the small print. Every company has its own refund, returns and exchange policy. Some offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Others will only refund your money if the products are returned within a certain period and they may also require you to pay the postage when you return the products. Read the small print on the order form before you buy and keep delivery notes or invoices as proof of purchase.

  7. Make a note of contact details. If you order online keep the contact details of the company you are ordering from. You should also keep a record of the date of your order, how you paid and any reference number - if you are given one.

  8. Laws protect you if you give away your personal information, both in the UK and EU. Any company that wants to pass on your personal information to another company must give you the opportunity to object (or opt out) - generally by selecting a box. If you are in doubt, check to see that they have a Privacy Policy on their site. Check our Privacy Policy here

  9. Remember - you have exactly the same rights as a consumer when you shop from home as you do when you buy from shops.
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