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Netiquette Guide
What is Netiquette?
Netiquette is a set of guidelines on how to behave appropriately on the Internet. As children we are taught good manners to help us through life, and equally there are ways to behave when you're online. This will make sure your experience on the Internet is a good one.

Imagine you are going to a new country where customs and language are different to your own. It helps to have an understanding of the place and people you are likely to encounter so that you are not misunderstood or perhaps offend someone by mistake. And because everything is done on a screen, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are real people out there who have the same emotions and reactions as you do.

So, to ensure you minimise mistakes, here are some pointers to help you have fun, without offending.

Do's and Don'ts of Email and Discussion Groups



Safety Guidelines
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